Demo Videos

Please watch these demo videos to see the installation and performance of Rasp Premium IPTV on Kodi Media Center, VLC Media Player, Plex Media Server and more. This page will automatically update as we add more videos to our facebook page

Rasp Premium Demo - Late Night Channel Surfing

Late night channel surfing on Rasp Premium on a Rasp Kodi build. It's a cell phone video instead of the usual screen capture videos, but will still show you what things look like with the video add-on.

Rasp Premium Short Demo

Another short cell phone camera video which briefly demonstrates the Rasp Premium IPTV service looks like. In this video, WWE Summerslam is playing in 1080p resolution on a 55-inch TV.

Installation of Rasp Premium IPTV: Fresh Kodi Install

This video will demonstration the installation process of the Rasp Premium Kodi video add-on. In this video we use a first-run fresh install of Kodi 16.1 Jarvis running on Windows 10 try some of the many HD channels. You can also spot me screw up after the install getting my own login wrong and not figuring it out very quickly 😀

Setup of Rasp Premium on Plex Media Server

Want to use your Rasp Premium IPTV with your Plex Media Server? This video will demonstrate how to set it up on Plex Media Server running on a Windows 10 machine. The process will be very similar on Linux, OSX or whatever system you run. The Plex website suppor section will tell you where the plugin directory is located for your specific setup or operating system.