Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How many channels come with Rasp Premium IPTV?
Rasp Premium IPTV gives you access to hundreds of premium HD IPTV channels. I could list them here, but it’s probably better to simply direct you to the full channel list.
How does Rasp Premium IPTV work?
Rasp IPTV uses a dedicated network that offers live streaming of some of the most popular HD channels, along with the most popular major sports packages and pay-per-view events. We have a convenient KODI video add-on which lets you easily access Rasp Premium IPTV on ANY Kodi device, HTPC, mobile, etc. Our streams are in full HD (1080p or 720p) and our servers are capable of handling excessively large amounts of traffic while ensuring your television viewing remains uninterrupted.
Do I need to have an active television subscription package with my Cable or Satellite provider to be eligible for Rasp Premium IPTV?
Absolutely not. We have nothing to do with your provider. Rasp Premium IPTV is an alternative offering to what the major providers make hard working people like you pay huge money for. To be clear, we will never tell you to “cut the cord” or ditch your current provider. That’s not our place to do. However, that option is open to you if you feel that Rasp Premium IPTV is an acceptable alternative. We are not going to tell people what to do or how to think. You can cancel with your provider if you want, or you can keep both. Perhaps they have something that we do not offer. You’re a grown up and you can make that determination for yourself. Our service will work on most platforms including, but not limited to your Kodi or SPMC machines, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, OpenElec, PLEX Media Server, Samsung and LG Smart TVs, and more.
Can I link the channels to a third party on-screen guide such as FTA or iVue?
Yes! Rasp Premium IPTV channels are 100% able to be linked to your guide through Kodi favourites in the same manner as many other video add-ons. Some competitor services use tokenized streams which expire. Therefore, your favourites only function properly for an hour or so. Our streams won’t break in this manner, so you have the green light to link the channels to whichever guide you prefer. Go ahead and link away!
Can I use my account on multiple devices?
You can use the service on more than one device but only one stream will play at a time. So for example, if you had a stream running on the living room TV and started one up on the bedroom TV, the living room feed would stop after about 20 seconds. We’ve had to do this to prevent abuse because transcoding the streams, bandwidth and server processing are not cheap. If there are multiple attempts to open streams from different IP addresses, like if you shared your credentials with a friend and they are trying to use it at their house at the same time you are using it at home, the system might note possible abuse and could potentially auto-ban the account.
How much does a Rasp Premium IPTV donation cost?
We make things simple by offering just ONE convenient, affordable option. Rasp Premium Donations are $25 Canadian per month. You can purchase one month donation or three month donation options. This gives you access to to every single HD IPTV channel on the network, including any and all upgrades and add-ons. You can refer back to your website account to check your login details, donation expiry date and access your personalized M3U channel lists.
Am I bound by a contract?
No, you’re not. The whole point of this thing is to be simple and we will never do contracts. If you choose not to extend your donation time for any reason, you don’t have to and can simply let it time-out. There are no hidden fees and no contracts. We keep things simple and we are 100% confident you will not only remain with Rasp Premium IPTV, but also refer your others to us.
Does Rasp Premium IPTV cover the English Premier League Games?
We sure do! We have thousands of Football (Soccer) subscribers from all around the World that praise our service, just based on our ability to broadcast English Premier league games in high-definition HD without any interruptions! Broadcasters for such games include NBCSN, TSN, Sports Net, BelN Sports, BT Sports, Mio Stadium and more!
Does Rasp Premium IPTV offer International programming in foreign languages?
Yes, we do! Our International Channel list is constantly growing. Our current line-up includes many international channels with many languages. Please refer to our full channel list to details.
Does Rasp Premium IPTV have any content for my wife and kids?
Yes, we do! Rasp Premium IPTV prides itself on having great channels for the entire family. For children we have favorites like Disney, Disney XD, Boomerang, Cartoon Network and many others. For the ladies, we have great entertainment channels like USA Network, SYFY, E!, Bravo, HGTV, Home Shopping, TNT, TBS, Oprah Winfrey Network and many others. We have many selections for everybody and are continuously adding to the lineup.
Does Rasp Premium IPTV offer Adult Channels?
No, never. Sorry. We focus on Movies, Sports and Family-oriented content only. We want to keep Rasp Premium IPTV 100% safe so you can be confident and give your kids worry-free accesss. If you are looking for an adult entertainment service, there are many out there.
Do you offer a Reseller Program?
We do not currently offer a reseller program yet. However, we are at the time of this writing working on a system that will allow you to refer friends and family to the service. The way it will work is this: If anyone who is referred to Rasp Premium IPTV by you makes a purchase, the system will email you a coupon code which you can use at the checkout when you purchase or renew a Rasp Premium IPTV donation. This way, we can make sure the people who are telling others about the Rasp Premium IPTV service are knowledgable since they themselves use it and like it enough to tell others.
My Rasp Premium IPTV Kodi addon shows nothing when I open it – what do I do?
This happens when there is a mistake or typo in the login credentials. We strongly recommend that you double check this by logging into the website and double-checking your account credentials that say kodi username and password. Your IPTV credentials and website credentials are separate. Also, the password is case sensitive so make sure you are putting capital letters where they belong.
What type of Pay-Per-View events does Rasp Premium IPTV cover?
We cover mostly every major event, including: UFC, WWE, Boxing, etc. We have several feeds set up at any given time with different bitrates so people with slower connections or slower machines which cannot handle the full bitrate can choose one of the alternatives. This way we can be certain that we have taken care of any potential freezing, lagging or buffering which would be caused by something on the user side.
I’m trying to watch Streams but it keeps buffering and lagging – how can I fix this?
First of all, make sure your connection speeds are strong and you’re on a good, reliable high-speed connection. Sometimes by being on a shared WIFI or DSL, you can experience a lot of freezing/buffering when too many people are on the same Wifi network as you and in the case of DSL connections, in the same neighborhood. Unfortunately, this is something out of our control and can’t do much to prevent. One thing we always recommend is to connect your machine with an ethernet cable instead of using WiFi whenever possible. That usually eliminates most problems without any further need for troubleshooting. If you cannot use ethernet and have a weak WiFi signal, you may want to consider purchasing a set of powerline ethernet adapters. Secondly, be sure to reboot your router and cable/dsl modem to make sure they aren’t running slowly or crashed. Many people have routers which were supplied to them by their service provider or bought cheaply at a big box store. Many of these are lower-end models that eventually slow down, choke and crash under load. This is especially true when there are many devices all connected to them at the same time. If, for any reason the problem persists, reach out to us and we will do our best to troubleshoot the issue with you.
HELP – Streams aren’t playing on my mobile device
Please ensure your connection has good reception. If on a mobile network slower than 4G/LTE, you may have to use the lower bitrate channels as it may not be able to handle the 1080p HD streaming. If you have a strong WiFi connection and a fast internet connection it can handle the HD streams but your mobile may be too slow and still have to choose the lower bitrate links. If you are using your built-in app for streaming, you may want to try a different one like VLC media player.
I’m getting an error at the checkout or my card is not being accepted
There could be any number of reasons for this and we can’t really do much to troubleshoot your financials like credit cards. For your security and privacy, we won’t really venture into this area. Any errors or cards not being approved with the payment handlers are things we cannot really do anything about. If you are having trouble getting the payment handler to process your credit card for any reason, contact us and we will do what we can to give you an alternative way to get signed up. Keep in mind one of the options to pay is with Interac E-Transfer as well to pay direct from your bank through email.
What is KODI?
KODI (formerly known as XBMC) is a free and open-source media center software application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. It is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, with a vast community of users helping and contributing to the project. In a nutshell, KODI is an application which can be installed onto almost any machine you already own. KODI is 100% FREE to download and install. Once you have it, you can easily install many 3rd party add-ons which enable you to watch all sorts of different types of media including YouTube, and Rasp Premium IPTV!
Does Rasp Premium IPTV have a KODI add-on?
Yes, we certainly do! our Kodi video add-on is easy to install and allows you to watch all of the HD channels available with your paid donation. You may refer to the instructions on your account page when you sign up and also watch the demo videos on this website to learn more.
KODI ERROR – HELP! I can’t play streams on my Set Top Box
Make sure you have the latest version of our add-on. Click check updates from within the add-on itself or try a fresh installation from the Rasp Premium Repository. Make sure your login credentials to access the IPTV channels match the ones given to you in the members area of the website (not the same as the website login) and make sure your password is case sensitive, putting capital letters where they belong in the password field. Also make sure your set top box is properly connected to the network. You can test this by trying to access something else like a YouTube video or open the android web browser to make sure you indeed have access outside of your network.
I’m seeing pixilation in some channels while viewing Rasp Premium IPTV through KODI add-on. How do I fix this?
Please make sure that your Android Set Top Box’s hardware acceleration is turned “ON” if you are running an Android system. This is a setting within KODI or the unit itself. Another issue you may run into without hardware acceleration is simply seeing a black screen and hearing the sound from a stream without any picture.
When I load a channel, the video stutters regularly. I can set my watch to the stuttering. How do I fix this?
With some hardware configurations, the GPU is, to put it in plain english, a piece of crap. This is especially true on cheap Chinese clone boxes that are being sold as the real-mccoy. Try going into Kodi settings. Under Video -> Playback – make sure you have the option to match the refresh rate to the video set to ALWAYS.
I looked through the FAQ and didn’t find what I was looking for!
Well, you can’t say we didn’t try! If you have any questions unanswered, feel free to reach out to us using the contact form on the footer of this page, or find us on facebook.